The Scandinavian HVAC and Building installations market

How to access or grow the Scandinavian market?

  1. Know the market
    We provide market intelligence within the Scandinavian Sanitary & HVAC industry.
    Market size, sales out from the wholesaler, route market etc.
  2. Product and marketing package
    We help to set the level, which makes you offer to the market, fit the market.
    Including translation of catalogues, datasheets, product registration etc.
  3. Proof of concept
    We kan provide access til wholesalers, OEM-customers etc.
    Startup sales activities and promotion
    Test produkt range, prices , communication etc.
  4. Startup sales setup or enhance exiting sales

What do we do at Almax?

At Almax we believe development is created by doing things differently, and true value is created, when you are converting theory into practice.

Within out focus areas we collect and gather market knowledge and follow trends, which is converted to business tools. This provide out partners and customers with the knowledge and toolbox, rapidly to make the best of their own efforts.

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